St. Thomas More
6806 McClean Blvd
Baltimore, Md. 21234

(410) 444-6500

About Us


St. Thomas More is a Roman Catholic parish comprised of various economic, ethnic, and age groups dedicated to welcoming everyone into our parish family to share our lives, our love, the Sacraments and the Word of God.  

  • At St. Thomas More Church We worship God in sacramental liturgy,especially Eucharist,  prayer, and lives surrendered to His will.

  • We are a community of believers in Jesus Christ dedicated to spread the Gospel to all people by word, witness, action, education and evangelization.

  • We seek to increase our parish population through evangelization efforts in the communities surrounding our parish. 

  • We are led by the Holy Spirit to serve our community with love, compassion and humility by sharing our time, talents and treasures.




 4:30 p.m. 


 8:30 a.m. and  11:00 a.m.

Tues., Wed., Thurs., Fri. - 

8:30 a.m.

(See Bulletin for Holy Day Mass schedules)

Sat. 3:45 - 4:15 p.m. or by appointment.


Msgr. James Farmer, Pastor

Mr. Michael P. McCoy, Permanent Deacon

Mr. Michael Baxter, Permanent Deacon

Mrs. Jane G. Brown, Music Director        

Mrs. Ana Rosario Trujillo, Coordinator, Religious Education

Ms. Maria Boling, Office Manager

Parish Center 410-444-6500

Religious Education     410-444-6500

Cardinal Shehan School 410-433-2775




In the late 1950's the neighborhoods around Perring Parkway were burgeoning. To help alleviate the crowded conditions in the four surrounding parishes, twelve acres of land were purchased on McClean Boulevard in 1959, and the following year, plans were drawn up for a school, rectory, and convent before the parish had a name. Construction soon began with cornerstones for the church, parish center, and convent laid in 1960.

          In January, 1961, the newly appointed pastor, Father Thomas Kelly, held meetings with volunteers in a rented store in the

Hamilton Park Shopping Center. With directories borrowed from other churches, lists of potential parishioners were established and St. Thomas More’s first Mass was celebrated on September 10th of that year. Classes at the school began that same week under the guide of Mother Charlotte Marie and the Sisters of St. Joseph of Chestnut Hill.

 Pastors succeeding Father Kelly were Fr. Edward Staub, Fr. George Loskarn, Fr. Richard Murphy, Fr. Victor Galeone, Fr. John Cunningham,  Fr. Brian Zielinski, O. Praem., Fr. Pete Literal (Temporary Administrator), and Fr. Richard Gray.  Msgr. James Farmer is the current pastor.

         With a dwindling population of children,St. Thomas More School was closed in June, 1988. The school and convent buildings were leased to The Children’s Guild in August of 1988 while the

Cardinal Shehan School was officially incorporated and merged with St. Thomas  More and St. Matthew parishes. 

         The parish mortgage was paid off in full to the archdiocese onJanuary 10, 1997, and was celebrated later that year.



This sacrament renews our peace with God and neighbor.

Confessions are heard on Saturday from 3:45 to 4:15 p.m. 

or by appointment in the Parish Center.


This sacrament makes us members of God’s family, the Church. Baptisms are normally scheduled for the second

Sunday of the month at 4:30, 9:00 or 11:00 a.m. Mass. 

(Only 2 baptisms are conferred at each Mass.) 

Please call the Parish Office (410-444-6500 )to meet with the 

Pastor to schedule the baptism and to arrange for a 

pre-baptismal conference. 

Baptisms are not held during Advent or Lent.


This sacrament seals the love of a man and woman in a 

life-long commitment. Couples planning to marry 

should contact the Parish office (410-444-6500 )

at least 7 months prior to the date of the marriage. 

Marriage preparation classes are required. 

(If an annulment or a dispensation to a previous marriage is needed, no arrangements for the wedding can be made 

until the annulment or dispensation is granted by the

Archdiocese. The annulment process could take a year 

or longer depending on the circumstances.)


Adults and children (7 years of age or older) are received 

into the Church either by Baptism or

Profession of Faith following the completion of the Catechumenate Preparation (RCIA) or (RCIC) process. 

Contact the parish office (410-444-6500 ) for information.


Liturgical Ministries (Participation in the Mass):

Altar Servers -

Young people and adults who have received First Holy Communion, assist the priest and deacon in the celebration of the Mass.  Open to boys, girls, men and women.

Lectors (Readers at Mass)

Proclaim  the First and Second Readings at weekend and Holy Day Masses,and  proclaim the Prayer of the Faithful in the absence of a deacon.  Each  lector receives personal training by the Coordinator of Lectors .

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist (EMs) assist clergy in bringing Holy Communion to the sick and home bound, whether in private homes, nursing homes or assisted living facilities. and assist the clergy in the distribution of Communion at Mass on weekends and certain Holy Days.     

Music Ministry -

We have an Adult Choir that sings at the 11:00 Mass every Sunday from October through May.  We have an Adult Contemporary Choir that sings at the 8:30 Mass.  Rehearsals are every other Tuesday from 7:00 - 9:00 pm.  We also have a Resurrection Choir that sings for funerals, requiring availability during the week and on Saturday.


Serve the congregation by greeting people before Mass, handling inquiries, distributing bulletins, escorting the gift bearers, and seating late comers.  Ushers take up the collections, assure safety and give assistance to ill or handicapped parishioners or visitors.  They also guide the lines of people going to Communion.

Gift Bearers -

They are the people who bring the bread and the wine to the priest during the offertory at Mass.  The bringing of the bread and wine symbolizes us uniting our own gifts of time, talent and treasure with Jesus' sacrifice of Himself, which is offered for us on the altar.  

Ministries to help us grow in our Faith:

For Young People

Religious Education

Religious  Ed. is for children in every grade from Kindergarten through High  School, and meets between 9:30-10:45 every Sunday from mid-September to mid-May.  Classes are meant to help all of our young people know and love Jesus, and to know, love and live  their Catholic Faith.  Sacramental preparation for First Communion, First Reconciliation (Confession) and Confirmation  is offered yearly for children who have either been in  Catholic  School  or in Religious Education for one year prior to preparation for the sacrament.

Children's Mass -

On  the third Sunday of each month at the 11:00 Mass, young people in our parish serve as lectors,  ushers, greeters and gift bearers.  This is an awesome opportunity for our young parishioners to become involved at Mass and in  the life of our parish.  It helps them to better learn the meaning of the  Mass.

For Adults

Scripture Studies - .

We currently have a Bible Study Group that meets every other Wednesday from Sept-May at 9:30 am in the   Parish  Center.  We also have an Advent and Lenten Scripture Study Group that meets after the Rosary, following the 11:00 Mass during Advent and Lent.  These are excellent opportunities to know our Lord more seriously, more personally and more deeply through his Word to us.  

Why Catholic ? Group -  

This group is for adults and meets on Sundays between September - May from 9:40 -10:45 am in the   Parish  Center, while our young people are in Religious Education classes.  The purpose of this group is to help us understand why we are Catholic.  It uses the Catechism of the Catholic Church and Holy Scripture to help us grow in our understanding of what we believe and practice. 

Rosary Group

This  group prayerfully recites the Rosary following the 11:00 Mass, for  public and private intentions.  This is an awesome opportunity to seek  our Blessed Mother's intercession for our parish, our community, our country  and our world.

Men's Fellowship 

Provides an opportunity for men of all ages to come together for fellowship, mutual support, and spiritual growth.  Meets second Saturday of the month from 9-10 am in the Thomas More Room.  

R.C.I.A (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults)

These are Christian Initiation sessions for adults interested in becoming Catholic, or for baptized Catholics who have not received other Sacraments.  

Ministries of Service to the Parish and the Community

Beans & Bread Casserole Ministry

Beans  and Bread is an outreach local ministry of the St. Vincent de Paul  Society that serves hot meals to the poor and homeless in   Baltimore.  Parishioners of St. Thomas More make casseroles and deliver them to Beans & Bread.

Perring Parkway Center Nursing Home Ministry

Every other Monday afternoon, members of St.Thomas More go to the nursing home at the corner of   Perring Parkway  and   Oakleigh Road  to visit Catholic residents.  A short worship service is held, and then volunteers visit and  bring Holy Communion to residents who are in their rooms.  This ministry brings the joy and the presence of Christ to the residents and to the parishioners who volunteer.

Baltimore Pregnancy Center

Members of St. Thomas More  volunteer at the Baltimore  Pregnancy Center on Harford Road, which is a pro-life, non-profit  organization that helps women and children in need.  Our parish has a giving tree every year that yields gifts for women and children who go to the  center.  

Franciscan Center Support

Parishioners collect nonperishable foods and seasonal wearable clothing on the second weekend of each month to take to the  Franciscan  Center.

St. Vincent de  Paul Ministry

Currently, we serve the poor of our community by offering gift cards from Shop Rite to individuals or families in need.  

Hospitality & Decorating Committee

Volunteers discuss, plan and organize social events in the parish, such as the Thomas More Feast celebration, and other social events.  They also organize the decorating of the Church for Christmas & Easter.

Evangelization Committee

Meets periodically to brainstorm, discuss and plan ways to strengthen the faith experience of our parishioners and to reach out to fallen away Catholics and those who do not have faith.  This group hosts periodic series and events in the parish to help us grow as Missionary Disciples of Christ. 

Widow and Widowers and Singles Group

Meets periodically to share fellowship among those who have lost a spouse. or are alone.